Can You Pass Gallstones? The Definitive Gallstones Flush.

Many of us have in fact hundreds, if not thousands, of gallstones “sitting quietly” in our gallbladder and bile ducts. Some of us only suspect it, based on recurring digestive problems, often triggered by dietary errors. Some of us know it for sure- we suffered from a horrible gallstone attack, went to a doctor and got the diagnosis. All of us feel worried and insecure, asking ourselves the same questions over and over again: can you dissolve gallstones, can you pass gallstones, is gallbladder removal the only option?

The decision of gallbladder removal should not be hasty. In fact, according to natural treatment advocates- the operation is an absolute extremity, and there are many ways, not only to prevent gallstones but to get rid of them in a natural way. The natural treatment apart from helping to fight gallstones can also improve liver dysfunction and overall health. Here we present the natural treatment approach with a focus on fundamental questions: can you pass gallstones and how to dissolve gallstones naturally?

Can you pass gallstones naturally?

The simple answer according to natural treatment advocates is YES. Unfortunately, the simple answer in the case of human health does not exist. Natural medicine protocols often stay in contrary to the official medical knowledge, in many cases being dismissed for its “unscientific” character. So the doctors will usually recommend gallbladder removal surgery as the only effective method. However, there is a countless number of patients claiming that they dissolved and passed gallstones using only natural methods: a combination of proper diet, gallbladder supplements, and so-called “gallbladder flush”.

Gallbladder Flush Kit

One-Night Gallbladder Flush kit is one of the options to choose from. The time needed for completing the protocol is just one night and the next morning. You can check the details on Amazon.

If your condition does not require immediate medical intervention, natural ways to pass gallstones are worth a shot, especially that most of the alternatives to the gallbladder removal are safe and commonly available.

How to remove gallstones naturally?

Before deciding to proceed with the natural ways to pass gallstones, we must advise you to check with your doctor first. The presence of gallstones should be confirmed and their size should be assessed before trying out any natural treatment, such as gallbladder flush. Why? Because it may turn out that you carry a gallbladder stone that is as big as a plum and an attempt to flush such a large deposit could result in blocking the bile duct and serious complications. The larger the stones, the harder it is to pass them.

Important! It is best to consult your doctor first and discuss contraindications.

So what should you do to stay on a safe side with natural ways of gallstone removal? How to dissolve gallstones naturally? Can you pass gallstones safely?

1.Determine the presence and size of gallstones. Get an abdominal ultrasound done to determine gallstones presence and size. For safe gallstones flush, deposits should be less than 1 centimeter. Gallbladder stones larger than this should be dissolved before trying the gallbladder flush procedure ( see point 2).

2. Shrink and dissolve gallstones. Try the black radish juice treatment to dissolve gallstones naturally before proceeding with the actual flush.

3. Gallstone Flush. Try to pass gallstones naturally with one of the gallstones flush recipe.

What Can Dissolve Gallstones?

Black Radish Juice for Gallstones.

Black Radish Juice for gallstones can help to pass gallstones
Radish Juice For Gallstones

Black radish is a rare root vegetable, in a shape resembling a turnip, with black skin and white crispy flesh. You can try to find it on your local market or get a ready-to-use organic black radish juice for gallstones from Amazon. Click on the image to see details.

How does this juice affect gallbladder stones? Black radish demonstrates strong diuretic and detoxifying properties, that help to increase bile production and sanitize the digestive system. Therefore, tt’s believed that radish extracts are able to dissolve gallstones. Additionally, its extracts are able to accelerate intestinal peristalsis and help to remove excess gas from the body, so this plant is considered very effective in constipation treatment improving gastric juice production.

A safe and simple six-week radish juice treatment, introduced by a Russian scientist Boris Bolotov, is definitely worth a try. He recommended radish juice for gallstones as a safe and natural way to dissolve the deposits so they can easily be expelled. The only contradiction for using black radish juice therapy is heart failure, kidney failure, hyperacidity of the stomach, and cataract of the small intestine.

The recipe
  • 10 kg of black radish, washed, unpeeled
  • Squeeze the juice (estimated 3 to 5 liters)
  • Store the juice in the fridge.
  • Mix the juice leftovers with honey in the following proportions: 1 kg of pomace to 300 g of honey. Store a mixture in jars, with weight on top (to prevent it from the mold).
  • Drink 1 teaspoon of juice an hour before every meal.
  • Increase the dose gradually to 1 tablespoon and then to half a glass of juice before every meal

If the bile ducts are filled with salt minerals, pain in the right hypochondrium may occur at the beginning of treatment. It is a common reaction when the flow of bile through the ducts is impeded. A hot water bottle placed on the liver should ease the pain. After a while, ducts become permeable and salt excretion becomes unnoticed.

During a black radish juice treatment, a mild diet should be followed, without spicy and salty products. After the treatment, start eating the pomace that by then should be fermented. Eat it along with your meals, , once a day, starting from 1 tablespoon to 3 tablespoons until it runs out.

Can you pass gallstones safely now? With the following gallbladder flush recipe, you should be able to remove gallstones naturally.

How to Remove and Pass Gallstones?

Andreas Moritz Gallbladder Flush

The Moritz treatment is the most popular method among natural ways to pass gallstones. It is based on softening the gallstones and enlarging the bile ducts, which helps the deposits to pass through them painlessly. The whole process of gallstones flush takes 6 days of preparation and 2 days for the cleanse. The final two days are worth proceeding in your spare time (i.e during the weekend).

Remember! There is always a risk that larger gallbladder stones may get stuck in the bile ducts, which will cause severe pain and possibly a need for surgical intervention. The procedure is not recommended for people with stones larger than 1 cm. Gallbladder stones larger than this should be dissolved before trying the gallbladder flush procedure ( check the radish juice treatment descritpion above to see how to dissolve gallstones naturally)

The average gallstone disease patient needs to run the cleanse 3 to 5 times to see initial effects. Essentially, treatment should be repeated until the gallstones are not showing anymore. Then, it is recommended to repeat the procedure once a year, preferably in spring. Sometimes, right after the cleanse, discomfort in the right hypochondrium appears, which can indicate that gallstones deposits have not been completely expelled. In that case, wait for at least 2-3 weeks and repeat the treatment.

Gallbladder Flush Recipe

According to A. Moritz gallbladder flush recipe, you need 6 days of preparation, followed by 16 to 20 hours of an actual gallbladder cleanse. To remove gallstones naturally, you will need:

  • 1/2 glass of cold-pressed bio extra virgin olive oil
  • 1 large grapefruit (or 2 small ones)
  • 3 lemons
  • 4 tablespoons of magnesium sulfate (Epsom bitter salt)
  • 3 glasses of fresh grapefruit juice or fresh apple juice
  • chamomile
Phase One: Preparation

To flush gallstones safely, check if you are not allergic to Epsom salt: hold about 1/4 teaspoon of salt in your mouth for about 30 seconds and then swallow it. If you won’t notice an allergic reaction, you can proceed with the flush.

During the six days of preparation, drink apple or cherry juices to supply your body with malic acid. Every day consume 1 liter of pure 100% apple juice or 240 ml of unsweetened sour/tart cherry juice. The malic acid from the juices will soften the gallstones and allow them to pass through the bile ducts smoothly. If you experience digestive ailments like bloating or diarrhea from large amounts of juices, you can dilute them with water. Additionally, drink 6-8 glasses of water. On the 6th day of preparation drink the whole amount of juice in the morning.

To help prepare your body to the flush, also consider eliminating meat and hard-to-digest products from your menu. Include vegetables and groats into your diet and try not to overeat. Your meals should be warm or at least at room temperature. For effective gallbladder flush you need to be calm and relaxed (the liver reacts to stress strongly).

Phase Two: Gallbladder Flush

Day One

  • Before 2 PM: eat a fat-free and easily digestible breakfast and dinner. Prepare the Epsom salt mixture in the jar: mix 4 tablespoons of salt with 3 glasses of grapefruit or apple juice. Store it in the fridge.
  • At 6 PM drink 3/4 cup of Epsom salt mixture. You can wash your mouth with water to remove the aftertaste.
  • At 8 PM drink another portion (3/4 cup) of Epsom salt mixture.
  • At. 9:45 PM, pour half a glass of olive oil into a sealed container. Wash the grapefruit in hot water and dry it. Then squeeze the juice, and remove the excess pulp. You can add lemon juice to improve the taste. Mix everything thoroughly.
  • At. 10 PM drink 3/4 cup of this mixture. You can do it through a straw. Take 4 capsules of 300 mg chamomile. Do not prolong drinking, try to do it within 5-15 minutes. Then lie on your right side and stay still for at least 20 minutes. You may feel the stones moving in the bile ducts, but it should not be painful.

Day Two

  • At 6 AM – drink another 3/4 cup of Epsom Salt solution. If you feel nauseous, take a ginger supplement, wait a while and try to finish the drink. Go back to bed.
  • Before 8 AM, take the last dose of the solution and lie down again.
  • At 10 AM you can drink fruit juice. After the next hour, you can eat something light and easily digestible.
Phase Three: What do Gallstones Look Like?

On the evening of the first day of a gallbladder cleanse, you will start to feel a frequent need to use the toilet. Some people use a sieve to see the “treasures” that are coming out of them. If you wonder what do gallstones look like when passed, check out this link.

You will most likely find them being in various sizes, from tiny ones to pea-sized, in green, yellow, or brown color. Occasionally, gallstones that took shape of the bile ducts will look like little plugs, so-called “chaff”. Gallbladder stones after the flush will be soft, thanks to the impact of malic acid from apple and cherry juices.

Ready-To-Use Gallbladder Flush Options

For those who are not ready for going through the week-long treatment (6 days of preparation and 2 days of flush) or those with limited time for mixture preparations, there are some ready-to-use gallbladder flush options. If you are looking for answers on how to dissolve gallstones naturally in less than a couple of days, check our these options on Amazon. Click on the links or images to see details.

One-Night Gallbladder Flush Solution

Try passing gallstones with Flush Solution

This One-Night Gallbladder Flush kit is designed to remove small gallstones from the gallbladder and the bile ducts. The time needed for completing the protocol is just one night and the next morning. The kit includes one bottle of L-Ornithine, one bottle of Epsom salt, and four packs of enhanced Vitamin C powder. The product comes with detailed instructions providing the exact time and order of pills and liquids intake.

Natural Organic Liquid Gallstones Cleanse

This product is said to flush gallstones gently and safely. It includes extracts of some of the most powerful plants and substances that are known as gallstone natural remedies (i.e Chanca Piedra, Apple Cider Vinegar, Artichoke, Turmeric, and other). The liquid form allows the ingredients to absorb quickly and start helping immediately. By increasing the bile production naturally it should relieve gallstone-related pain and help with other ailments such as bloating or indigestion. For each use, dilute 1 ounce of product in 4 ounces of water.

After the flush

After completing the cleanse, you should feel the extraordinary lightness and the whole body revival, getting to know what “feeling healthy” really means.

To maintain the results of the gallbladder cleanse, try to go on a proper diet. A balanced and healthy menu is something every gallstone sufferer should be interested in. You should be aware of foods to avoid and some natural remedies to implement into the everyday meal plans. Read more on gallbladder diet here. The other way to maintain a healthy gallbladder and clear bile ducts is to take some natural herbal supplements. Read more on gallbladder supplements here.

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